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BigCommerce app for Pinterest

Сonnect store to your Pinterest account. Set automated Bulk and Scheduled product Rich Pins to defined boards. Get new clients and Track the Conversions. Here is the tool that can help.

About the App

Premmerce BigCommerce Pinterest is our brand-new integration for business owners in search of a new platform to market their products. Pinterest is only growing as a social media network and our extension allows you to manage branding there effectively and gain traffic for your BigCommerce platform.

What Can You Do with It?

Create a product catalog

Turn your product assortment into a nice catalog of Pins to market them on the platform. All of the data will be transferred, image, price, availability included. Along with the link to the website, of course. The users will be able to see all the info they need to consider the purchase. Moreover, the details will look organically in terms of Pinterest format, which is especially important for images.

Create and manage Pins automatically from the shop’s admin page

The unnecessary switches to another page don’t bring any profit. To avoid them, we’ve enabled you to control the process right from the familiar Edit product page. You can choose the image you want to accompany the Pin, along with the description and link to the product. All in a few clicks.

Schedule Pinning

It’s exhausting to be always on the device for the sake of sticking to your plan. With our extension, you can schedule the Pins in advance, block out time to set up the posting day and time and feel free to work on your business. No need to worry if you forget something and mess up your plan. In case you have a batch of pins, there’s also a possibility to define the time interval and number of pins per interval, or frequency period and the number of pins within this period. Once the ideal regimen is figured out, it can be fully automatized.

Bulk Pinning

Another opportunity to save time is adding multiple pins at the same time. To be more concrete, you have to publish one Pin but together with it, you can select other products to go live as Pins according to the schedule. Something like the programmed queue that requires just a few minutes on your part. By the way, there are no limits on the number of selected items.

Create a template for Bulk Pinning

Templates save time, which definitely can be said about this feature. With it, you can customize the bulk pinning as well. Setting up the default image type, title, description, SEO text and board for pinning prepares you with a canvas to work with and put a twist on it only when necessary.

Track conversions with Pinterest tag

You need to know when and how people react to your Pins to build a successful marketing strategy. This is exactly what you can do with the integrated Pinterest tag. The range of activities is quite broad, from standard PageVisit and ViewCategory to Checkout and Signup. These are the most crucial metrics to measure, however, you can create a custom event for the specific purposes of your business. Afterward, you’re able to review and edit them on Ads Manager as well as export from the reporting dashboard.

App Features

Here are the extra upgrades to streamline your business process.

Customize Pinning with Pin Title, Pin Description, Pin ALT

Customization is a valuable thing to pay for. Our extension allows for adjusting the Pin exactly to your vision and knowledge of the audience. You can easily change the title, description and Alt text for the SEO keywords. All of these things quickly catch the viewer’s eye and they should express what you want to say.

Test out Carousel Pins

Remember Instagram carousel posts? You can have the same outlook for the Pins. It isn’t used often which is why you may consider paying attention. The carousel pins are namely what they sound like: several images to be swiped in one Pin. The description and URL can be the same or you can experiment with the various options when needed. Either way, it’s a good opportunity to showcase the product in all its entirety (colors, sizes) or display a series of related products.

Claim your website

Claiming the website is what sets you up for getting analytics from Pinterest and establishing a reputable brand. You’ll get access to the stats on the Pins you create and the Pins created from your e-store. At the same time, the profile picture will appear next to your pins along with the button for following your profile. The verification icon next to the website URL on your page is a nice bonus that sustains a trustworthy image.

Add save button for images on the front-end

The «Save» button is one of the potential powerhouses for e-commerce. It attracts attention to your products on Pinterest, allows for its further viewing by a user, and gets traffic even if one doesn’t purchase right away. Our «Save» button is an improved version of the standard browser extension. First, it provides a link to the product precisely instead of leading to the category page. Second, it works great with the BigCommerce themes, no need to be afraid of a zoomed look.

Pin to several boards simultaneously

There are some times you need your pin to be on more than one board, the simplest instance would be «All products» and «{Category name}». With Premmerce BigCommerce Pinterest, you can add one pin to several boards in a few minutes and adjust the specific pinning category in the board route if required.